First of its Kind

Auto Cure is the first fully automated technology which handles all post-harvest drying, curing, and long-term storage (extended curing). The device uses a proprietary software application and specially designed robotics system to dynamically transition from an air-tight chamber to laminar ventilation via negative pressure. Digital sensors mounted inside the chamber record and display readings and compare them against threshold values set on the 7" LCD Touchscreen Display.

  • Easy-to-use touchscreen app allows the user to dynamically control internal RH% by setting the venting parameters on the sliders.
  • The only automated curing option for large-scale commercial growers.
  • Designed to eliminate mold.

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Curing App & Display

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Auto Cure proprietary software and robotic hardware were designed by growers over a multi-year period to allow for a wide range of settings for drying, curing and long-term storage. Never let your quantity of stored product go bad again!

Settings for curing will typically run the fans at their lowest possible venting parameters. Settings for drying will run the fans much more frequently and should be used when product is very moist entering the Auto Cure or in applications where extensive drying is necessary prior to oil/concentrate extraction.

Cure Settings


Dry Settings


Storage Settings


High Time Max Threshold (Top Slider: 24 hrs)

Low Time Max Threshold
(Top Slider: 1-5 hrs.)

High Time Max Threshold (Top Slider: 24 hrs.)

High RH% Max Threshold (Middle Slider: 60-65%)

Low RH% Max Threshold (Middle Slider: 50-60%)

High RH% Max Threshold (MIddle Slider: 75-100%)

Low Vent Duration (Bottom Slider: 5-10 minutes)

High Vent Duration (Bottom Slider: 15-20 minutes)

Low Vent Duration (Bottom Slider: 15 seconds - 2 minutes)

Multiple Sizes

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Auto Cure Technology is entirely scaled to support the production needs of any cultivator ranging from the at-home grower to the largest commercial facilities.

Fully Assembled (Ready-To-Go)

Medium (Up to 10 lbs.)

Large (Up to 25 lbs.)

XL (Up to 50 lbs.)

Walk-In Units (Semi-Customized)

8' x 4' x 8' (Up to 100 lbs., 256 sq. ft.)

8' x 8' x 8' (Up to 200 lbs, 512 sq. ft.)

8' x 8' x 16' (Up to 400 lbs, 1024 sq. ft.)

Larger Walk-In Units are available -- please contact us

Walk-in units can be configured for BOTH hanging and/or manicured flower (trays)


Production-Ready Ventilation Fans

Heavy-Duty Venting Servos (Air-Tight Seal)


7" Touchscreen LCD

Auto Cure Proprietary Software Application


Laboratory-Grade Acrylic (ZERO Off-Gassing)

Closed-Cell Neoprene Rubber (Air-Tight Seal)

Airflow Dynamics

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Auto Cure's airflow dynamics are what set it apart from any other type of curing method ever invented. Once a vent cycle is initiated through the automated user-set parameters, fresh air is directed into the main chamber while the old, humidity-saturated air is simultaneously vented out of the device. Fans and air-tight venting servos are precisely placed so that a laminar airflow tunnel is generated via negative pressure. This results in a completely uniform air pathway that creates consistency and standardization so that all flowers within the chamber are drying/curing at the same rate.

  • Tray bottoms are lined with Stainless Steel Mesh for maximum airflow from Bottom to Top.
  • Laminar Airflow allows trays to be fully stacked because the negative pressure pulls all air out of the chamber (even between stacked flower).
  • Intake/Exhaust particulate filters (dust, hair) ensures pristine condition of the flower.

The AutoCure Solution

  • Auto Cure is self-monitoring through the constant oversight of its custom designed software application displayed on a 7" LCD Touchscreen.

  • Digital toggle-sliders on the touchscreen user interface allow for easy changes from drying, curing, and storage venting parameters.

  • Real-time data logging graphically depicts the rate of moisture release from the harvested material over time, providing a valuable tool in determining where the harvest is in the process allowing for standardization and brand consistency.

The Importance of Curing

Curing is regarded as one of the most important processes within the cultivation cycle. Harvests can be made or ruined during curing and conventional methods are seen as a form of art. Auto Cure simplifies and creates practicality thereby allowing a novice to produce top-shelf flower.

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Your bottom line

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Increase potency

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Eliminate excess waste

Your Bottom Line

Auto Cure has a 100% return on investment (ROI) in just two cycles of usage!

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