First of its Kind

Auto Cure is the first fully automated curing chamber for both personal and commercial applications. The machine uses customized variable settings and laminar air flow dynamics via negative pressure to ensure the optimal curing and drying environment for your harvest.

  • Easy-to-use touchscreen app allows the user to dynamically control internal RH% by setting the venting parameters on the sliders.
  • The only automated curing option for large-scale commercial growers.
  • Designed to eliminate mold.

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Curing App & Display

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Auto Cure's software application and robotic hardware were designed by growers over a multi-year period to allow for a wide range of settings for both curing and drying your harvest.

Settings for curing will typically run the fans at their lowest possible venting parameters. Settings for drying will run the fans much more frequently and should be used when product is very moist entering the Auto Cure or in applications where extensive drying is necessary prior to oil/concentrate extraction.

Cure Settings


Dry Settings


High Time Max Threshold
(24 hours)

Low Time Max Threshold
(1 hour)

High RH% Threshold
(24 hours)

Low RH% Max Threshold

Low Vent Duration
(.25 minutes, 15 seconds)

High Vent Duration
(60 minutes)

Multiple Sizes

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AutoCure is available in three sizes to best suit your needs. Whether you’re a personal grower or a large-scale operation, we’ve got the right option for you.


2.75" Ventilation fans

Heavy-duty venting servos


7" LCD Touchscreen


Labratory-Grade Acrylic

Airflow Dynamics

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Auto Cure's airflow dynamics are what set the device apart from any other type of curing method ever invented.

  • Over 2,000 holes are perforated in the holding trays to ensure uniform airflow.
  • Laminar airflow dynamics (bottom to top, side to side) via negative pressure guarantees evenly distributed fresh air.
  • Intake and exhaust dust filters ensure pristine condition.

The AutoCure Solution

  • Auto Cure is self-monitoring and self-adjusting through the constant oversight of its custom designed software application displayed on the 7" touchscreen at the top of the unit.

  • Set three digital sliders to desired venting parameters and let the machine do the rest.

  • Reduce your curing and drying time.

The Importance of Curing

Curing is one of, if not the most, important processes within the growing cycle. If done correctly, curing can significantly increase your bottom line and eliminate waste. There is a distinct difference between drying and curing -- properly cured buds equal a higher price!

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Increase your bottom line

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Increase potency

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Eliminate excess waste

Your Bottom Line

Auto Cure can provide a return on investment (ROI) of 100% within just two cycles of usage.

With at least a 10% increase in sales price estimated after curing compared to drying, both the Medium and Large units will pay themselves off after two full cycles of usage if the units are filled with at least 10 lbs. and 50 lbs. respectively based on a $2,000 per lb. sales price.

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